Steve is a busy man, working shifts with a small child at home (and another on the way!). To say that time is limited is a slight understatement. Balancing a demanding job, with family life and a pregnant wife is a fine skill he seems to have mastered (or at least tolerates). Even with these obstacles, Steve has made incredible progress in such a short space of time.

This is what Steve said about his results:

“It has taught me to eat well but I can still eat the things I like to eat”

Steve now has the tools to understand his food intake, make sensible choices whilst eating the foods he enjoys. He now understands his calorie intake, how this impacts his results and which foods will help his progress. These tools are going to be vital moving forward as he makes further progress towards his goals.

“The exercises build up over the weeks and I now feel fitter and stronger. His workouts vary and require little space to complete them.”

With his fitness ever improving, he now has more energy to run around after his little girl and at work. The workouts were all carried out at home as I provided all the equipment that was needed. The resistance bands that were used throughout, gave Steve the ability to build/maintain muscle whilst losing as much fat as possible.

“I’m really surprised how quickly I started seeing the results by following Chris’s workouts and food suggestions. Everything I have learnt I will continue to do in my daily life now that the challenge is over.”

Simple but effective habits gave Steve the confidence to keep working hard throughout. When you start seeing results and other people notice your results, you work even harder and throw yourself into it. Steve has been amazing at sticking to the daily and weekly tasks. This will not only build good habits, but will also set you up for the future.

“Chris keeps in touch regularly and keeps you motivated. He is always available to chat things over regarding nutrition and fitness.”

With regular chats between Steve and the rest of group, I could help him with any issues he had and point him in the right direction. He has been amazing at getting involved with everyone else in the group and got stuck in with the banter. The community spirit has definitely helped to motivate and inspire everyone else and has made everyone feel accountable.

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PS. You will never get results exactly like Steve because you are not him. The results shown are an indication of what can be achieved if you commit to the plan and work hard.