I completely understand why people sign up and buy into fad diets. People are at rock bottom. They have struggled and have been frustrated for way too long with their weight and appearance. They are looking for a solution and there are many companies willing to sell you their ‘solution’. Unfortunately, not all of these solutions are based on evidence or even marginally moral.

I want to help you out and show you how to avoid fad diets and products. A lot of people are embarrassed after buying into one of these schemes. It always seems obvious after you have paid your money and realised the product doesn’t work, but at the time you had complete faith it was going to work ‘this time’.

Avoid Z List Celebrities

If anyone from a reality TV programme, Love Island or someone that is famous for being famous, don’t buy their shit. They are being paid thousands of pounds to promote a product that doesn’t work, they haven’t used or they could even spell.

You are the product in this situation. The company or individual selling this product is buying your attention. They are preying on the fact you know, like and trust this ‘celebrity’ and are using that to their advantage to promote their product. Unfortunately these ‘celebrities’ don’t care about the impact of such fads, they are interested in getting paid.

Bottom Line: Be careful of who you follow on social media and the products they are promoting. Also, please stop making stupid people famous.

Avoid Anything Promising ‘Fat Burning’

There are no products on the market, that are legal, that will promote fat loss. A lot of these products will do one of two things. They will either be very high in caffeine which will limit your appetite and potentially increase your activity. This is going to increase your calories out and decrease your calories in. This is not proof the product works as a strong coffee will have the same effect, but for half the price.

The second way these products work is by making you piss and shit more. They contain a diuretic which is causing your body to get rid of liquid. Whilst your weight may be going down, it likely going down the toilet, along with your money.

Bottom line: If there was a true fat burning product, the NHS would be handing them out like smarties.

Avoid Anything That Brushes Over Diet and Exercise

I have seen some bold claims on some of these products. “No need for changing your diet or exercise” or “lose 10lbs without dieting” and they make me cringe every time. I can see why people are drawn to them. They are being offered the dream solution. I can sit and eat ice cream and look shit hot on a beach. If that was true, I wouldn’t have a job.

When people buy into these products, the chances are they are making changes to their diets and activity or exercise. If you have paid £100 for a dissolvable powder, you are likely to make some more sensible choices with food, maybe even subconsciously. You are buying into the results and are invested financially to see those results.

Exercise and diet are the ONLY way to get the results you want. You don’t have to be lifting massive weights in a fancy gym and eating broccoli, but your results may be more suited to walking more and eating less cake.

Bottom line: Diet and exercise are the ONLY way to get results.

Claims of Being Fast and Easy

Promises of lazing around in your pyjamas whilst your body fat is melting away are ticking all the right boxes in your head. That sounds bloody brilliant! When claims sound too good to be true, they often are.

Fat loss doesn’t have to be a tough challenge and it doesn’t have to be a ‘no pain, no gain’ scenario, but it isn’t always easy. Fat loss is very simple, but not always easy. You will have to make some changes, you will have to make some sacrifices and restrictions. If you change nothing, you will remain the same (even with a overpriced drink in your cupboard).

Bottom line: Losing weight is going to require some effort on your part. The process is simple, not always easy.

Requires You to Buy a Single Supplement as a Solution

The rise in obesity is a complex issue. It is rarely a case of laziness or just being a bit of a piggy. It has various factors to do with our society, our changing working habits, our food availability, brain function and many more. A complex issue is highly unlikely to be solved by a single pill or powder.

I know the solution to losing weight is to control your calorie intake and your calories burned, but to fit that around your current lifestyle is the difficult part. To say to someone “eat less and move more”, is not very helpful. You need to find methods that work within your schedule, your life balance and that are most suited to your goals. Working with a personal trainer could help manage this process and make your life a lot easier.

Bottom line: A simple solution to a complex issue probably isn’t a solution at all.

If you feel embarrassed or ashamed because you have been caught out with scams and bullshit products in the past, it is never too late to get help and get the results you deserve. Instead of looking towards an ex TOWIE ‘star’ for fitness advice, try looking for a coach or a personal trainer that you resonate with (like me).  

Get in touch to today to and I can help coach you towards you results. Slots currently available for online coaching and 1 2 1 personal training.