It seems that having a big bum is ‘in fashion’ at the moment and I couldn’t be happier. Not from a pervy man’s perspective but from a gentleman with a larger than average behind. I’m just waiting for receding hairlines and hairy backs to come into fashion and I will have more followers than the Kardashian family put together.

As someone who is at the forefront of keeping up with the trends and remaining hip (is that what the kids are saying these days?), I have put together some exercises that will help you build that derriere.

Barbell Glute Bridge

Key points

  • Drive through the heels
  • Keep your eyes on your knees the prevent you back from arching
  • Keep that 1 second squeeze at the top
  • Fast on the way up, slow on the way down

Romanian Deadlift 

Key points

  • Keep a flat back throughout the movement
  • Push the hips back to load up the hamstrings and glutes
  • Drive the hips forward to bring the upper body up, not from using the back
  • Keep the bar close to the legs
  • Squeeze the glutes at the top

Dumbbell Sumo Squats

Key points

  • Point the feet out a 45 degree angle
  • Keep the torso upright
  • The knees should track towards the toes
  • Stop for a 1 -2 second pause at the bottom

Cable Pull Through

Key points

  • Keep a flat back throughout the movement
  • Let the arms hang loose
  • Limit the bending of your knees
  • Squeeze the glutes hard at the top

Bulgarian Split Squat

Key points

  • Keep the torso upright
  • Your bodyweight should be mostly on your front leg
  • Slow and controlled

Try adding in these variations into your training program. Train them heavy as possible whilst remaining in good form, train them frequently and repeat. Get rid of all these fluffy bodyweight kickbacks and Instahoes promoting HIIT programs. Put some weight on the bar and load up those muscles with proper tension. If you are unsure of any exercises and need me to point you in the right direction, get in touch today to discuss coaching options.