This story started at the beginning of 2020.

Steph was gifted some online personal training from her thoughtful husband, and we began working together shortly after.

Fast forward 3 months and Steph has managed to lose a whopping 12 lbs in weight.

This was all aimed at a reaching a goal for a big family event, but the pandemic had other ideas. Regardless of not being able to attend any events, Steph still looked and felt great.

She has smashed her goal and ahead of the planned time.

12 lbs. is a lot for anyone to lose, let alone someone as small as Steph.

This was all carried out with one to one online coaching. She never came to the gym and I have never coached her in person.

We worked together and set out a plan, agreed weekly targets and got to work.

Nothing drastic or crazy. Just a simple but effective plan.

This is what Steph said about the program:

“I would say it’s a simple plan to follow i.e. it’s not crazy meal plans of half a chicken breast and ten grains of rice for an evening meal and 10 workouts per week. It’s a very gentle but effective approach to health and fitness.”

After Steph reached her target, she felt confident to carry on her own and continue to maintain her amazing results.

At the beginning of June Steph joined the 28 day challenge to enjoy a bit of friendly competition and to have a final push on her results. Although I think it was partly to sign up her husband and give him some payback for the previous gift.

With Steph’s hard working attitude and relentless points scoring ability, it will come as no surprise to you that Steph won that challenge.

Top of the leader board and another 5lbs down!

These are her progress photos from the 28 day challenge:

Now, whilst you are reading this in amazement, I would like to provide some context.

Steph has two young children to look after, works as a teacher and still finds time to have a social life (pre lockdown).

Lack of sleep, teething children, tantrums. All whilst managing your own diet, fitting in some exercise and winning the 28 day challenge.

With Steph’s winning streak, I would be very reluctant to challenge her to an arm wrestle right now.

Take a bow Super woman, this is beyond impressive.

If you would like to get results like Steph, all you need to do is take the first step and get in touch.

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If you would like to have a chat about online coaching or personal training in the gym, you can book a consultation here.

Remember, you will never get results exactly like Steph, because you are not her. Your results will be different as we are all made slightly differently.