I want to show you a few ways to help get the family involved and make fitness fun. By getting everyone involved, you will be avoiding friction from the Mrs about exercising all the time and you will be setting a good example for your kids (if you have any).

Get down the park – There are loads of free parks and fields, usually within walking distance of most homes. A cheap day out with a picnic, a ball and some enthusiasm, and you will have a cracking day. Organise some activities with friends or family members. Instead of sitting round someone else’s house and sipping coffee, plan to meet them at the park and have some fun.

Team Sports – Rugby, football, badminton or tiddlywinks. I don’t mind which activity you get involved with, just get involved. Team sports is not just for kids and a few sociable beers (within your calorie intake of course) after a tough game of rugby is a bloody brilliant way to spend a Saturday afternoon. A lot of team sports support the family fitness mentality and encourage people to watch, get involved or help out at an event.

Swimming – Whether you are swimming in a pool, at the sea or in a local river, you are guaranteed to burn loads of calories and have a good time. Swimming is very suited for those with injuries or those that struggle with high impact sports. I think it goes without saying, always be safe when swimming, especially if you are with your family or young kids.

The Beach – The sand, sea and more sand are going to keep you busy and tire out the whole family. Just trying to put your pop up tent down is going to burn hundreds of calories. Those little fuckers never go back in the bag as easy as they came out. Take a bucket, a spade and a ball and you will sorted. Running around on the beach all day is a perfect recipe for an afternoon nap.

Family walks – When was the last time you went out for a walk with all the family? I think walking is underrated. With national trust locations around the country, there is no need to walk around the block or in a boring field. Try some new places, go exploring and get the kids imagination going wild.

You don’t need to spend a fortune and you don’t need to travel to remote locations. Take you coat and a smile, and you are off! The great outdoors needs exploring and you are not going to get fitter by staring at the same 4 walls at home.