There are thousands of variations of leg exercises but you often find that people in a gym tend to stick to the same 3 or 4. Squats, leg press, leg extension machine and hamstring curl machine. This is usually due to either lack of understanding or people are a bit nervous to try something new. No one wants to be the outsider or the person being filmed for a gym fail video. It’s a safer option to stick to the basics and blend into the background.

I believe that we should be sticking to core movements that are big compound exercises. Working multiple muscle groups at once and putting the body under as much stress as possible should be the aim for most workouts, but not everyone is ready for that or have the capability to perform those exercises. Slapping on some big weights and looking ‘cool’ would be the obvious choice, but what about the forgotten exercises that are vital for your results and health? I want to show you a few exercises that I believe should be in everyone’s arsenal, but are often pushed to the side as they aren’t the first exercise that springs to mind when thinking legs training.

Goblet Squat

Key points

  • Hold the dumbbell close to the body in a v shape with the hands
  • Feet just over shoulder width apart
  • Slow and controlled on the way down, fast on the way up

Hamstring Ball Curl

Key points

  • Drive the hips up towards the ceiling
  • Pull the heels in towards your bum
  • Slow and controlled on the way out
  • Place your hands on the floor to give you balance

Romanian Deadlift

Key points

  • Flat back throughout
  • Push the hips back
  • Do not bend the knees
  • You should feel this in the hamstrings (back of the legs) and bum
  • Squeeze your bum tight at the top when driving the hips forward

Reverse Lunge

Key points

  • Wide stance with the legs for support
  • Take a step back keeping the chest up tall
  • Slow and controlled on the way down
  • This is a great alternative if normal lunges hurt your knees

Dumbbell Step Ups

Key points

  • Keep the chest up tall
  • Drive through the leg on the bench, not the floor
  • Lower the body down under control

If you want to follow the crowd and get the same half arsed results as they have, then follow them in the gym. If you want to keep things interesting, enjoy your workouts and try something new, then add a couple of these variations in your next leg workouts.

If you need help with any of these exercises I would be more than happy to help out. You can sign up to 1 on 1 personal training here or online coaching here. What are you waiting for?