It’s all well and good knowing that we should eat loads of fruit and veg, but how do we actually eat more? I want to share with you my top 6 tips to getting more of the good stuff.

Change Your Environment

The surroundings around us control the actions we take. This includes food intake. If you hose is full of mini cheddars and biscuits, then the chances are you will be snacking on those. If your fruit bowl is full and vegetables are in the fridge, the chances are you will be eating those. If you want to eat more fruit and veg, just buy more in your weekly food shopping.  Aim for your shopping trolley to be half full of fruit and veg.

How to increase your fruit and vegetable intake

Make it Easy

Convenience is a high-ranking factor in our brains. We like to make life easier for ourselves. Therefore, we need to make it easier to eat the right stuff. At your work or home, ensure that fruit and vegetables are within arms reach and ‘naughty’ snacks tucked away. Have vegetables pre-cut and within eye sight when you open the fridge, you are much more likely to grab the first thing you see. All the ‘junk’ food in the house should be taken out of reach.

How to increase your fruit and vegetable intake

Eat What You Enjoy

We all know that broccoli is good for us, but if you don’t like eating broccoli then don’t eat it. There are thousands of combinations of fruit and veg that your can enjoy. By making it enjoyable you are much more likely to keep it up.

Every Meal

Each and every meal should be based around nutritious fruit and veg. When thinking about what to eat you should start by thinking what fruit or veg would you like. Base the meal around this and then add other sides as necessary.


if you are just winging it and hoping for the best, the chances are you are going to fail. Willpower is a finite resource and will become depleted over time. Plan ahead to prevent yourself relying on motivation and willpower. Make meals in bulk and plan what meals you are likely to eat throughout the week. It doesn’t have to be set in stone but having a good idea in your head what is planned will always help.


The way we perceive certain foods can change our outlook on them. If you are constantly moaning because you have to eat ‘rabbit food’ then the chances are you aren’t sticking to this for long. If you look forward to eating a fresh, light salad because it makes you feel full then you are more likely to eat it. Don’t let you negative attitude sabotage your success.

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