Why did you first join DackAttack?

I was becoming despondent about my deteriorating fitness as I entered my mid 40’s. A friend highly recommended Chris as a non-judgemental, good natured but very professional trainer. I was so nervous talking to him, but he promised not to wear a leotard when we met, which really broke the ice and made me laugh, and I knew then he would be a nice bloke!

Did you have any previous experience in a gym?

No way! I’d wasted years seriously neglecting my body, and consequently had a huge anxiety about exercise equipment, and basically looking stupid in front of lots of slim people.

What is the most important lesson you have learnt during your time at DackAttack?

That good technique is very important to minimise risk of injury and maximise results. Also that I can do more than I think I can.

Has your mindset changed towards nutrition and exercise?

Yes definitely . I know more about eating carbs in a mindful way, and the filling power of protein rich breakfasts (Chris will give recipes and suggestions) and I also don’t fear exercise any more. I will never be an exercise addict, but I now walk away after a session feeling physically tired and mentally more content.

What other fitness activities have you started since personal training at DackAttack?

I now jog regularly. I can do 2 or 3 miles slowly but surely. I also enjoy kettle bells and do a weekly class with a local fitness company. I have kettle bells to do home routines with, and drop in a few quick exercises when I remember. A minute planking when the ads are on tv or 20 squats while the kettle boils etc.

What was your biggest achievement at DackAttack?

One session we decided to really push my strength work and I deadlifted 100kg twice. This made me feel brilliant as I’m 5 foot 2 female and no spring chicken! I was so proud of myself.

What is the plan for future fitness activities?

I feel confident enough to walk in to a regular exercise class now, and am just about to add two more classes to my weekly kettlebell session. I will also continue jogging as I actually enjoy listening to some music and having a bit of head space.

What would you say to others contemplating personal training?

Absolutely go for it! It’s private, it’s supportive and it is well worth the money, especially for lifelong avoiders like me!


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