Jamie Gooch Transformation Story

Jamie Gooch Transformation Story

As I’m sure you will agree, Jamie’s progress has been nothing short of incredible and he has made a life changing transformation. Along with a huge weight loss, Jamie has also increased the size of his chest and arms whilst dropping 7 inches off his waist!

What has been your highlight of the process?

My ultimate highlight has been achieving a set target and more than I ever expected, I have also found that pushing myself to my limits has given me a surprising ‘buzz’ like feeling and I have enjoyed seeing and making the progress and changes along the way. No pain No gain 🙂

What has been the toughest part of the process?

For me the toughest part has been to understand the process takes time and the results aren’t instant but with hard work and dedication it can and does happen…..
The very first time I met Chris, he really pushed me to see my limits, this was the most difficult part for me starting something challenging for the first few weeks. Now it is still challenging, however I try and push myself even more each time we train together as I am seeing those changes in myself (I was told it is perfectly normal to end up laying on the floor feet elevated at the first session 😉 hey Chris?! Ha ha.

If you were to start again what would you change?

From the first session I was 110% sure that I wanted to make changes. I have always given each training session my all, I can honestly say that with Chris’s guidance and support at each session and through each week, there isn’t anything I would want to change. They say you get out of something what you put in, and this is most definitely the case with Chris. I have attempted to train by myself at home however I have never experienced results like I have with Chris in such a short period of time, and the support along the way to want to carry on going!
Jamie Gooch Transformation Story

What one piece of knowledge would you pass on to someone looking at starting a similar transformation?

Be prepared to change and for the challenges you face, it isn’t always easy and it’s natural to sometimes feel lazy towards exercising, however if you keep at it, I promise you, you will feel much more energised, on track and have the positive mind set to make those changes you want to feel good about yourself.

How has your mindset changed towards exercise and nutrition?

Being organised with the next days’ meals, planning in advance so as not to make silly decisions about food and ending up eating junk, even when eating out. I am conditioned now to order a healthy side of salad or baked option rather than fried foods. I have cut out lots of sugary items and eating more regularly including healthy snacks throughout the day. I have also made the change to cut out alcohol which is my biggest nemesis. This hasn’t been an easy change to make but 3 months in and I do feel healthier and happier (I may have a sneaky one just as a reward at the end of this though).
Owning my own business is very demanding and having a young family at home isn’t always easy to get time to myself, however I have made time in the evenings to make sure that I complete my training programmes every week in between my training session with Chris. I actually want to do training now and enjoy it as opposed to dreading exercising out of work. My whole lifestyle is different, and I feel better in my clothes. Having dropped several shirt sizes and two jean sizes, my attitude to life in general is a happier one and I am looking forward to the next stage in this process.

Jamie Gooch Transformation Story

My view of this transformation

There are a few reasons on why this has been a success and massive progress has been made. I would like to share my view of this story and hopefully you can take some points away with you to start your own transformation.

Lifestyle changes

Jamie has embraced real lifestyle changes and built long lasting habits throughout this process. There hasn’t been any fad diets or short term fixes or even calorie counting. With a busy schedule day to day, this plan has been designed around Jamie lifestyle for ease and convenience. There has been no calorie counting, no complex dietary requirements and just 3-4 workouts per week.

Work ethic

This transformation has been simple, but it’s not been easy. Jamie’s work ethic translates from his business directly into the gym. He works hard all day and continues this throughout his life. His stubbornness to achieve his goal has been admirable and he has given it his all.

Smiling in the face of adversity

Since I have been working with Jamie I have never seen him in a bad mood. With a very physical job and a stressful day to day, he came into the gym with a smile on his face and desire to work and learn. I believe his positive attitude helped him throughout this process to get the best out of any situation.

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Jamie Gooch Transformation Story