Ever heard of the 6 Ps? Prior planning prevents piss poor performance. This saying takes me back to the days of the army with some gobby sergeant lecturing us about this. At the time my eyes were probably glazed over but looking back it was a very valuable lesson. This lesson can definitely be applied to fitness. I have got a few tips to help with planning that could save you bags of time and will help you shift a few pounds.


Forward thinking food diary

Instead of writing down what you have eaten, try to think about what you plan on eating. Try to sit down before going shopping and work out what the master plan is. It doesn’t have to be an exact science or every meal worked out, but at least stick to a basic template. If you know you have 7 breakfasts to make, then only buy the food for 7 breakfasts. This forward thinking food diary will help you in the next section. Write down what you plan to eat for each meal for each day of the week. Even if it changes a little, at least you have given it some thought.


Shopping lists

Walking round the shops with a food list was one of the days in my life when I realised I was an official adult. The other day was when I used my pressure washer for the first time (shit! It’s official, I’ve turned into my dad).

Creating a shopping list for the week is an excellent tool to prevent the ‘extra’ bits sneaking into the trolley. If you only buy exactly what you need you will be preventing food waste and minimising the late night snacking with the Oreos in the cupboard.

Note: if you suffer from serious trolley rage like me, just order it online. No more grannies clipping my heals with the trolley.


Food prep

You only have to search for #foodprep on Instagram to see the endless photos of boring chicken and rice. The same meal made 1000 times does not make you healthy, it just makes you boring. Food prep can be helpful and can save you loads of time. I would recommend batch cooking anything and everything. If you are planning on making a chilli con carne for tea, make a massive one. Break it down into portions and freeze it for another day. Another way is to just eat your left overs as your lunch the next day, simple!

Make it as complicated or as simple as you like, just make sure it is foods you enjoy. I wouldn’t recommend just making the same meal over and over, because the novelty will soon wear off and you will just bin it off for a KFC. Do it to make your life simple, not to look cool on Instagram.

Planning will help minimise the damage when the inevitable food binge happens and help keep you on the straight and narrow. Don’t overcomplicate things, just take a moment during your week to think about what you are planning on eating this week.

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