The mind is a crazy place. It fascinates me, baffles me and scares me all the same time. It has the potential to make a day good, or make it very shit. There are thousands of decisions happening on a continuous basis without even being consciously aware of them. I find mindset a fascinating topic as it has the potential to make or break many great people. Trying to understand how other people think is an impossible task; I don’t even understand how my own mind works.

I am by no means an expert in mindset. So if you can imagine I am reading this in a Greek philosopher style, with my chin resting on my fist that would really help set the scene.

Before going down a rabbit hole with the blog, I will try and drag this back towards health and fitness. I mentioned we make thousands of decisions within our brain. Today I want to talk about just one.  This decision is should we be striving for success or be happy with what we have?

When trying to answer this question I don’t believe the answer is black and white. The answer isn’t one or the other but can be a balance in the middle. Depending on how much you want one or the other will depend on the outcome, and this will differ for each person. I can’t sit up here on my high horse declaring that you should be training for a 6 pack if you are happy with your current physique, this decision has to come from within (plus I’m not a big fan of horses, let along big ones).


What is success?

This is a complicated and subjective question. What I deem to be successful could be very different to what you deem to successful. Some people judge success by money, materialistic objects and the clothes they wear. Others judge it by the size of their smile and the quality of friends around them. Neither of them is right or wrong.

The definition of success in the dictionary is the accomplishment of an aim or purpose. The complicated part is that the aim or purpose can only be decided by you! Instead of following in other peoples paths and trying to replicate someone else’s success, strive to reach your own goal. What is the point in achieving someone else’s goal?

Without striving for anything in our lives we would never make progress. If Andrew Devnport hadn’t of strived in life we would never have had the Teletubbies. If Jason Alper hadn’t of strived for success we would have never had the Mankini. Okay maybe they aren’t great examples but you get the picture.

We need an amount of drive, determination and get up and go, but how much is too much? If we are never satisfied with the current situation does that leave us always wanting more and miserable? Let’s talk about how we can be happy to find out more.

How can we be happy?

As human beings we all have basic requirements. This has been defined by someone much smarter than man. Have you ever heard of the Maslow’s’ hierarchy of needs? You may have seen it if you have ever been on a management course at work, they love throwing this one around (along with buzz words such as synergise).


In the Western world (not the one with the cowboys) the first three needs are easily covered. Biological and physiological needs of food, water and shelter are available to most. We feel safe because we have law an order within our society. We have love and belonging from family, friends and work (or temporarily on Tinder).

Once the three lower portions of the pyramid are under control we will naturally seek to fulfil the top two. These are esteem needs and self-actualisation needs. What this really means is that we will be looking to achieve things in our life and seek personal development.

Some may argue that WIFI trumps all of these needs, as the most vital part of the puzzle.


Without even realising it we are constantly fed media that shapes our image of a successful person. The stick thin models with unachievable bodies and photo shopped faces. The drugs involved in many male (and female) models. The constant highlights reel on social media of everyone’s life is creating this perception that everyone is doing so well. It paints this image of success and that always feels so distant. It feels distant because it usually unachievable, unsustainable or usually fake.

We need to find a healthy balance between striving for more and being content with our current situation. I’m not going to quote any fluffy nonsense like “love yourself”, because that sounds sexual. Just be aware of the media we consume and don’t compare it to your current situation. I know this is barely scratching the surface of mindset, but just be happy!