Are you drinking yourself fat?


drinking yourself fat


After returning from an all-inclusive holiday, I am feeling rather hypocritical writing about calories consumed from drink, but I feel this is an important topic. This last week I think I have definitely been drinking myself fat.

Have you been trying to lose weight for a while but just can’t seem to shift even a few pounds? Exercising and eating a balanced diet are two VERY important factors, but have you ever looked at what you are drinking? Could you be drinking yourself fat? I’m not just talking about your weekly piss up and the depressing kebab shop visit.

It’s easy to dismiss the drinks we consume as we always presume there can’t be much in a drink….can there? On a daily basis we mindlessly knock back drinks without even a second thought about what they contain. Most drinks contain minimal nutritional value but can potentially contain lots of calories.

I’m going to show you how easy it is to consume a HUGE amount of calories from drinks alone, along with some lower calorie alternatives to help shift that body fat.

Firstly I’m going to show an example day of someone’s drinking day. I’m not saying everyone drinks like this all day every day, but it doesn’t take much to add up the calories.

Does this daily routine ring any bells?

Example day 1

Wake up in the morning and grab yourself an orange juice before work.

Innocent Orange Juice – with bits (129kcals)

It’s coffee break time at work. You deserve a treat you have been working hard at the gym, right?

Large Mocha Latte Costa (538 kcals)

When grabbing your lunch you also get a can of coke. It’s only little it can’t be that bad…can it?

Can of coke (138 kcals)

The work day has finished, you have been to the gym. Feet up on the sofa and you crack open a cold one to quench the thirst.

1 pint of beer 4% ABV (180 kcals)

Before bed a nice warm hot chocolate is just what you need to help you nod off. Why not make it a large one? Everyone loves hot chocolate.

Large Hot chocolate (Costa) (501 kcals)

Sounds familiar? And this doesn’t include your usual weekend piss up.

Without even counting in the food you have eaten, you have consumed a total of 1486 kcals through liquids alone. Imagine how much food you could consume for the equivalent of that….LOTS! (and that’s exact)


drinking yourself fat



To lose body fat you should aiming to put yourself in a calorie deficit. You may be eating a balanced diet filled with vegetables and lean meats but you may be drinking more calories than you eat.

Now whilst you (and me) hang our heads in shame with the amount we drink, let’s look at the alternative. I’m a big fan of keeping a diet balanced, including foods you wouldn’t typically class as ‘clean foods’.

Now we have finished crying into our mochachaocofrappacino with extra whipped cream, here’s an example day for someone trying to shed a few pounds.

Example day 2

Along with our breakfast we grab ourselves a glass of whole milk (200ml) 124 calories. Compared with an orange juice the milk contains more protein, more calcium and more omega 3 fatty acids (good stuff).

Coffee break comes around like every day and you have a difficult choice to make. Instead of the usual 500 kcals + drink, a more sensible option such as a flat white with semi skimmed milk is only 88 kcals.

At lunch time you walk past the fridge and you have a craving for some Coke. Instead of the usual, why not opt for a Coke zero or a diet version (funnily enough it is zero calories). Despite popular belief your head will not fall off if you drink fizzy drinks (even the diet drinks). They are a sensible alternative to the ‘full fat’ versions containing much less calories whilst satisfying cravings.

After your gym session you still fancy a beer and want to put your feet up. There is an alternative to the usual. MuscleFood sell a healthier alternative to beer. It still contains alcohol, but it also contains over 20 grams of protein and only 92 kcals per beer. [Click link here]

Note: If you have to drink alcohol every day you have bigger problems than worrying about calories. Speak to your doctor, not a personal trainer.

Before bed and it’s an adults alternative to milk for a baby (hot chocolate). Instead of purchasing the shop bought drink, it’s time to dig out the apron and get in the kitchen. Homemade alternatives can be used to massively reduce calories using cocoa powder and low calorie sweeteners. Check out this drink here, and it’s only 35 kcals!

With this second day the total in liquid consumption is 339 kcals.  That is a difference is 1147 kcals, which would have a huge impact on your fat loss goals. Even with these alternatives, you should still take these numbers into consideration. Don’t forget about the drink as well as the food, it all adds up to the bigger picture of overall calories consumed.


drinking yourself fat


Another topic that hasn’t been mentioned and is often overlooked is the good old fashioned water. No calories and very hydrating. Drink regularly, especially during intense exercise and you can’t go far wrong.

Just be aware that the liquids contains calories too. I’m not saying you should only drink water but if you do choose the tasty options, make sure you count them into your daily calorie allowance.

If you are trying to lose weight, gain confidence and feel awesome, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our online personal training uses simple and logical tips to help you shift the pounds, and keep them off. Request your free consultation here